5 Methods of Improving your Golf Swing

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February 17, 2020
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5 Methods of Improving your Golf Swing

Golf is all about the technique and focus. It takes careful concentration as well as great skills to hit the ball properly and direct it wherever you want. However, excellent golfing skills start with a solid foundation – the swing. The swing is golf’s holy grail. A perfect one wins you matches and drives fear into your opponents but a poor swing embarrasses you, at best. 

Luckily, perfecting your swing isn’t difficult. Yes, it takes just a few adjustments to start swinging like an expert. Sounds good? Check out the following pointers: 

Perfect your stance

How you stand greatly affects your swing. If anything, your stance determines how your body performs the necessary tasks required for a perfect swing. So, what’s the most effective stance? Firstly, position your whole body parallel to the target and your feet shoulder-width apart. It’s, thus an excellent idea to select a target as you practice, whether it’s a mark on your wall or a flag further away. Not only that. As you swing, ensure to position your right foot in front of the body to help transfer your weight to your foot’s inside and push away. Also, bend your knees comfortably and slightly lean your upper body. These techniques make you more flexible during a swing. 

Drive from your body

Most golf novices assume that swinging power comes from the arms. But this is inaccurate since it’s your body that powers the ball. As such, next time you practice, start by adopting a full, dead-stop position. This means not taking a backswing and instead, using your body to send the ball into the air. It’s easier to drive the ball into the air using this technique as opposed to back-swinging. 

Better use your elbows

Some players recommend swinging with your elbows kept tight to the body, while others prefer their elbows pointed out. Still, if you want to achieve a powerful draw, you must focus on the right elbow. Keep it aligned down the side of your shirt as well as tight to the body. Placing the right elbow this way promotes powerful draws and keeps slices at bay. It also fosters maximum power and improved control on top of making it easier to downswing. 

Keep your forearm and spine in alignment

Assuming an on-plane stance just before swinging the club helps you achieve the most powerful shots. To this end, your spine and forearm must be parallel at all times. What’s more, arrange your elbows and arms to form a triangle (with your left wrist flat). Keep that formation structured and tight for the best results. It makes it easier to rotate the shoulders correctly and improves your backswing. 

Get adjusted

If your body isn’t aligned, so is your swing. So start by visiting a chiropractor before practicing your swing. Not only that. Undertake exercises that will help you develop a perfect swing including strengthening exercises like pelvic and thoracic rotations, clamshells, as well as glute bridges. 

Practice makes perfect

You’ve definitely heard that several times before. The more your practice swinging perfectly, the better you’ll get. 

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