We’ve taught golf to many driven, enthusiastic and smart children! Let’s hear from some folks who have participated in our golf programs.
  • My 4 year old son had a wonderful time at his first class today, thank you! ~ Parent
  • Thank you, thank you , thank you for letting my 7 year old daughter join your class . She had a fantastic time! ~  Parent
  • I was very grateful that you encourage parents to stay and watch the kids learn…funny
    thing is I learned a lot myself ~ Parent
  • You folks run an incredible program … keep up the good work! ~ Program Partner
  • We will see you at your summer camps this summer. Your classes are awesome … your
    camps must be too ! ~ Parent at local FGCS lesson series
  • The Fanshawe Golf Coaches School coaches are outstanding ! ~ Parent from local
    gymnasium class
  • Our son has been coming to golf classes for over a year now and we can’t thank
    you enough for his dramatic improvement with motor skills and confidence ~ Parent
  • Thank you to Fanshawe Golf Coaches School for making such an
    educational and fun program available year round – Parent
  • Kudo’s to Fanshawe Golf Coaches School for their “no child left behind”
    philosophy. Nobody gets left out … awesome! ~ Parent