A note from all of us at Fanshawe Golf Coaches School.

These last few weeks have been unprecedented, and things continue to move fast and change quickly.

COVID-19 is having a real impact on all of us—our families, our travel, our day-to-day routines. Add to that the unknowns about its effects on business, and things get overwhelming fast.

With the Canadian and U.S. Government’s announcement restricting our international borders to limit the impact of COVID-19, each of us trying to understand how that will affect our daily lives, our friends, and our families, We wanted to reach out to all of you to relate how we feel about this horrible situation we find ourselves in these days.

Those who went shopping a few weeks ago experienced extraordinary numbers of people in stores, long lines, and aisles empty of product. This was a result of extreme levels of buying as millions of Canadians stocked up their kitchens and medicine cabinets. I’m sure the many photos of bare shelves on social media only increased your level of concern.

First and foremost. Do not worry. The supermarkets are not running out of food or essential supplies. Their supply chain and store teams are responding to the spikes in volume and quickly getting the most important items back on the shelf. Volumes are already normalizing somewhat, and they are catching up. There are a few items, like hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and other items that may take longer to get back to a fully stocked situation, but otherwise, the supermarkets and their supply chains are in good shape.

Another concern you may have is that your supermarket or drugstore could raise prices on the items you and your family need most. Do not worry. All of the major retailers have stated they will not raise a single price on any item to take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis.

Some folks worry that the supermarkets and drugstores will shut down. This is not going to happen. The Federal and Provincial governments understand that our food and drug stores are essential services and will do everything possible to keep them operating and serving every community in the days and weeks ahead. We now are experiencing a limiting of customers in stores at any given time. Everyone understands the importance of social distancing as a necessary step in the reduction and risk of making one another sick.

Most stores are now offering dedicated hours for seniors and persons living with disabilities to come before the regular daily crowds gather.

All of us will face uncertainty and new challenges over the coming days. The stores and their services will be far from perfect. But rest assured they are doing everything in their power to make sure we all have what we need for ourselves and our families.

For now, let me leave you with four things:

1. The supermarkets have the food, drugs, and essential products you need, and that supply will continue even as Canada restricts its borders.
2. The powers to be are going to make sure the stores stay up and running to serve our community.
3. They will not, under any circumstance, change their actions or prices to take advantage of COVID-19.
4. Please be patient with all the persons working in the supermarkets and other stores when you are shopping, and don’t forget to practice social distancing.

Over the last few days, it has been remarkable to witness Canadians supporting one another in the supermarket aisles: Bags carried to cars. Crowds parting so young moms could check out. Cheers for speedy cashiers. Customers helping stock shelves.

One example that stood out, a few days ago, someone stuck a handmade sign to the front of a supermarket store in town. It read “Be Kind”. This is great encouragement to cap off perhaps one of the most-tense weeks we have experienced in many decades and help all of us prepare for what is next.

Be kind to each other. We will get through it.

Joe Barnes
Fanshawe Golf Coaches School

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