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The Fanshawe Golf Coaching School “Certified Golf Coach” program is open to all persons wishing to become a basic level golf teacher, golf coach, golf course starter or course marshal.

The FGCS certification program includes proper customer service training for potential golf course marshals, golf course starter officials, and certification in Level “A” CPR including AED application.

A police background check with vulnerable sector check is mandatory for FGCS “Certified Golf Coaches” to accept any employment opportunities made possible through the school.

After receiving your FGCS coaching certification, the PGA of Canada has additional coach training available based on an application process. For more information visit their website under the Coaching tab.

More information is available by contacting the PGA of Canada, the Fanshawe Golf Coaches School or your Fanshawe College – Golf and Club Management program professor.

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FGCS “Certified Golf Coach”

Graduates will receive both an FGCS “Certified Golf Coach” Certificate and their Certification in Level “A” CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation “A”) with AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

The Fanshawe Golf Coaches School fully supports The Fanshawe College Golf and Club Management Program which has inspired the creation of the FGCS certification program.

Prior to entry into the Fanshawe Golf Coaches School Golf Coach Certification program, all applicants must obtain a current clean police background check and complete their Level A CPR/AED certification.

Both of these requirements can be arranged through the Fanshawe Golf Coaches School at a minimal cost.

All applicants must meet these two requirements in addition to completion of the school’s certification program to be added to the school’s “ Qualified for Employment” roster.

 Fanshawe Golf Coaches School

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FGCS Certified Golf Coaches are experienced, mature, and specially trained to teach golf skills and work with children and adults of all ages. FGCS Certified Golf Coaches have had extensive training in safety measures, marshaling and golf course procedures as well as customer service training to make your event and your golf facilities a pleasure to attend.

Our professional FGCS Certified Golf Coaches come to you fully prepared with their Level A CPR and AED certification, a clean police background check with vulnerable sector check and full liability insurance coverage.

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