Comprehensive Golf Lessons London, Ontario

Golf is an elegant sport that features interesting, friendly, and successful people. Golf players have one thing in common, they all love golf! Therefore, learning how to play golf opens you to new friendships and relationships. You will meet and interact with people with common interests as you. At London, Ontario, Fanshawe Golf Coaches School has helped many people to acquire exceptional golf skills. We offer a wide range of lessons including golf lessons for adults, indoor golf lessons, lessons for golf coaches, and kids’ golf lessons. Golf is a low-impact sport, and while your children play, you are always sure that they are safe. Golf is also an ideal sport to play in old age because it causes little damage or stress to joints and muscles. Therefore, by learning to play golf, you will enjoy the sport into your old age.  

Fanshawe Golf Coaches School has helped many aspiring golf coaches to acquire their skills. We offer a unique brand of golf coach education to help produce exceptional and all-rounded golf coaches. To all aspiring golf coaches from across the world, we offer world-recognized coaching certification. Every single year, we conduct camps and clinics at different locations for children and adults that fall between the ages of 4 years and 100 years.  

There is no better place to enroll for kids’ golf lessons than at Fanshawe Golf Coaches School. We are an approved provider of Future Links driven by Acura junior golf programs. The PGA of Canada develops these programs to fall in line with the Long Term Player Development Guide. Both the Coaching Association of Canada and the Sport Canada have approved the Future Links by Acura.  

The most amazing aspect of golf is where it takes place. Unlike other sports, golf features many acres and miles of a playground. Most golf courses have a vast range of trees, wildlife and nature to behold. You will enjoy a great outdoor experience as you play. To make all your dreams and fantasies true, contact Fanshawe Golf Coaches School today.