With the first official blog post on the site, I would like to welcome you, our visitor to our FGCS site.

My name is Len and I am the Social Media Manager for Fanshawe Golf Coaches School and I will be one of the contact points for FGCS. I will be creating regular content for the site that talks about all things golf and our organization.
For now, I’d like to get a conversation going about the things you like/love about FGCS and things you would like to see either here on the website or on our Facebook page.
This week, I will be updating our calendar and reminding you to regularly check-in with us to see what new events we are hosting or learning sessions you will be able to sign up for.
Email us at info@fanshawegcs.com or call us at (519) 670-7781 if you have questions or want to book a private lesson with one of our amazing certified coaches.!