Here’s how Fanshawe Golf Coaches School Helps Golfers of all ages Keep Up Their Golf Swing During Winter in London, Ontario

Winter can be a dreaded time for golfers of all ages, especially young players. Just when all the swing fixes you’ve been working on start to come together and show up on the scorecard, the long winter months arrive. Get an early start on preparing for the golf season with these simple but effective tips:


  1. Work on Strength and Flexibility.

It’s amazing how well you can swing a golf club consistently when your body is strong, and your muscles are loose.

  1. Work on Fundamentals.

See your setup and swing by practicing in a mirror. Better yet, share your swings with an FGCS local pro for feedback and off-season instruction.

  1. Work on Lag Putting and Chipping.

Find a space where you can practice putts and chips from at least 30 or 40 feet. Focus on good rhythm and making pure contact. Let the length of your putting stroke and chipping motion be the factor that controls how far the ball rolls out. Maintaining consistent putting and chipping habits will help your scoring, even early in the next golf season.

  1. Try Something New.

Golfing on ice is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about perfecting your golf game, but it exists and is more popular than you think. Let scarfs and mittens become part of your new golf equipment.

  1. Take a Golf Vacation or Attend one of our Winter Golf Academys.

An escape from the cold and a laser focus on your golf game could be just the diversion you need to beat the Winter Blues and give you a jumpstart to your next golf season.

Take a break from the slopes and get your golf game ready for summer with FGCS winter training sessions. Take advantage of the coaching from FGCS’s top golf coaches.

Take advantage of our in-house PGA-certified coaching. Fanshawe Golf Coaches School is the place to go get your swing tuned up during the winter. Our experienced staff of PGA Professionals provides golfers of all ages and abilities world-class instruction. Whether you’re a beginner or a grizzled veteran of the game just looking for some expert pointers, FGCS can help you improve your game during the off-season.

Our December kid’s indoor golf classes are all sold out. We are now booking for January – April. Don’t miss out, all our classes sell out every year.

A winter golf camp gift makes for an incredible Christmas present. Why not surprise your favorite golfer with a class from our winter schedule.

To check out what is available, and to register for a class, visit this link :

You can improve your golf game with one of our packages despite the cold weather.

Our kids winter golfing package pricing includes all necessary equipment, top coaching, fun games and prizes, necessary for the child to learn how to putt, drive and chip the golf ball using the latest leading-edge techniques.

Coaches are certified by the PGA(NCCP), FGCS, US Kids Golf, PCA, Golf Canada, and Fit Bodies Inc.

Strict Covid protocols: Kids and coaches over the age of 12 must be double vaccinated and show proof. Kids under 12 years of age do not have to be vaccinated at this time. All kids must wear masks in the building except when they are taking a class. Kids/parents must sign in at each class for Covid ID tracking purposes. Hand sanitizer must be applied prior to class. All equipment provided by FGCS will be fully sanitized after each class along with countertops, doorknobs, light switches and toilet facilities, etc.

See you all at class soon. Stay safe and healthy

From all the coaches and staff at Fanshawe Golf Coaches School.