COVID-19 Protocols

Campers will be screened for symptoms upon arrival, which will be recorded on the sign-in sheet and kept on record for purposes of contact tracing. The sign-in process will take place outside and physical distancing will be enforced. Families will be assigned a drop-off time and pick-up time and will be required to adhere to their assigned times in order to avoid mixing with other camper groups.

Staff will be keeping daily records of anyone (e.g., camp participants, staff, and essential visitors) entering the program setting who stays for 15 minutes or longer to allow for contact tracing in the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case or outbreak.

Staff will be required to complete a daily health screening and will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as required by guidelines. Physical distancing within camper groups will be enforced to the greatest extent possible, with the exception of staff interventions for behaviour management and issuing first aid.

Per guidance from the Middlesex London Health Unit and in alignment with local school boards and childcare providers, all campers must wear masks when indoors. Campers with respiratory conditions, or campers with special needs who may experience difficulty wearing a mask for extended periods, may be exempt from this. Masks are strongly encouraged but not mandatory for this population.

There will be a maximum of 32 campers per location, with some smaller sites accepting fewer campers.

Many other strategies will be in effect to meet provincial guidelines and public health regulations. The safety measures listed above are just the general considerations for camp programming.

Protocols will be in place if a camp participant begins to show symptoms of COVID-19 while in camp, including immediate notification to the parent or guardian and the need for immediate pick-up. The camp participant will await in an isolation area, with a staff member, until pick-up. A parent or guardian or emergency contact will be required to pick up their ill camper within one hour of receiving notification.